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About this Location

This cliff in the west fjord of Iceland is famous as a nesting place for puffins. There is nothing special around it, but it is also roped off to prevent people from falling off the cliff. Tourists are common during the day, but in the morning and evening, when Puffin are more active, there is almost no one around.

What kind of birds can we see?
  • Puffin
  • seagulls
  • Cars only
Shooting locations and tips
  • There are no large towns nearby, and you will have to stay in guesthouses.
  • The road is completely unpaved.
  • Located on a cliff Puffin nests on this cliff.
  • Puffin are most active at dawn and near sunset. The time of year is from April to August, and they return to the ocean around mid-August.
  • Because of the close distance to Puffin, the lens of 200~400mm is the best to shoot.
  • Puffins fly by flapping their wings rather than gliding. They often fly in a straight line, which is so distinctive that Puffin can be recognized from a distance.
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