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Stórikarl Skoruvíkurbjarg

A nesting site for Northern Gannet located at the northeast tip of Iceland. While it’s close to the birds, it’s basically the location looking down on the birds from above. It is like the end-of-the-world location with no people or artifacts in sight, but for some reason (thankfully) there is a foothold protruding from the cliff from which you can view the nesting site of Northern Gannet. You can see the nesting site from above and observe the birds raising their young.

What kind of birds can we see?

Northern Gannet


Cars only. The road is not paved. Iceland has many unpaved roads, but the road leading to Stórikarl Skoruvíkurbjarg is a different story. It is recognizable as a road, but it passes over something between a rock and a stone. There are some steep slopes along the way, and 4WD is recommended. There is a location where Google could navigate outside of roads (2023 August). Basically, there is only one visible road, and you can follow it all the way to the destination.

Shooting locations and tips
  • Road conditions are very bad, but there is space for parking and a place to take pictures.
  • The distance to the birds is close. While 600mm or more is necessary for photographing nesting sites, 400mm is sufficient for photographing birds in flight, as long as they are flying close to you. However, it is still better to use a 600mm lens.
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