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Terugasaki Coast

About this Location

This is the flying site of a mysterious bird, the Green pigeon, which drinks seawater. The males have reddish shoulders that would remind you of doves. They fly more than 10km from Tanzawa Mountains, that locates northern of Hakone, west of Saganigara to drink seawater. The reason they drink seawater is due to a lack of sodium during the breeding season, and they are seen from May to October, with a peak in August and September.

What kind of birds can we see?

Green pigeon

  • Address: Oiso, Oiso-machi, Naka-gun, Kanagawa
  • 10 minutes walk from JR Oiso Station
  • Oiso Port Parking No. 2 is the closest parking lot and can hold 239 cars
Shooting locations and tips
  • They fly in flocks, circle around, go down to a waterhole (?) to drink water, and then fly away again. They fly in intervals, so you will have to wait a little longer. It is a good idea to have a chair.
  • They often fly in from dawn to about 10:00 and in the evening. When I was there, most of them were found from dawn to around 6~7am.
  • The number of flocks varies, often around 10, sometimes as many as 30. Sometimes there are more.
  • When flying in, they may fly relatively close to the shooting point. Once they land on the rocks, a lens of 600mm or more is required.
  • When looking in the direction of the rocky area from the shooting point, there are basically no man-made objects in the background.
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