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Izunuma/Kabukurinuma 2023

Heard that Izunuma was good to visit in November, so came again in November following January this year. Also heard that Izunuma is good, but Kabukurinuma is better, so visited to Kabukurinuma as well. I’m always obedient to all advice.

In November, the swamps was filled with hufe number of geese, no comparison to January. The scale of the morning flight and the night roosting was quite different from the last time. The excitement of the roosting was especially intense, with geese coming from all directions one after another without a moment’s pause, as if they were entering the venue of festival. The huge number of geese gathering from afar sometimes looked as if black waves were coming in from the distant sky. The geese that gather in this way continue to roar loudly from their roosts on the water, and their voices, which continue to increase in number, overlap in the light of the setting sun to form a tremendous chorus. The sound of their voices seems as if they are rejoicing unselfishly, and their chorus sounds like gospel to those who are listening.

White-fronted geese evening roosting (Kabukurinuma, video/4K)

White-fronted geese morning flying away (Izunuma, Movie/4K)

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