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Sanbanze 2023

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When I had been here before, I had seen only pigeons. Heading to the beach with my 600mm lens with growing expectations and excitement, only some doves flew into my field of vision that seemed no different from the doves I had seen in my neighborhood. For the next hour, the only visitors other than the doves were a group of full-energetic kids who seemed to be on a picnic from a nearby kindergarten. But this time was different. Instead of kindergartners, there were warders. The appearance of the sea was also very different from the last time. The mud flats had been properly formed. Last time I came at high tide. The difference between high and low tide changes the appearance of the sea, the visitors, and my mood. The mudflats were like a big map with several puddles that had appeared after the low tide, on which birds were busy looking for food and changing places. The low sun’s rays shone back on the puddles and enveloped the birds as they walked on the water. As the high tide was getting approached, the puddles colluded to form a pond, which was then taken directly into the ocean field.

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