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Iceland Day 5 Flateyri to Staðarfellsvegur

The day was basically a travel day, moving from East Fjord to the North Central area in one go. The distance traveled was about 580 km. We had not prepared any stops along the way, and stopped to take pictures whenever we saw something, so we had no particular plan other than our destination.

The most popular route around Iceland seems to be the Ring Road, which goes around Route 1, but since we are visiting bird habitats, we will be riding on and off Route 1. However, since we will be visiting bird habitats, we will not be riding Route 1. Today’s trip will take us back to the ring road and then we will mostly follow the ring road. Houses often appear, and there is none of the out-of-this-world atmosphere that we have experienced so far. Many grass rolls are being made for winter livestock feed. But I am not sure if these are really grass rolls or not. To begin with, I have yet to see a cow in Iceland. I have only seen sheep and horses. When I get out of the car and walk, both sheep and horses stare at me, even though they are quite far away from me. Or maybe they are staring at us.

The next day we will stay near Lake Mee in order to visit a place called Lake Mee.

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