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Iceland Day4 Látrabjarg to Flateyri

I woke up at 2:30 in the morning and checked outside. It is already faintly light outside. Assume that it will not be basically dark between sunset at 22:30 and sunrise at 4:30. Yesterday’s fog is still there, but it has changed its appearance – the fog is laying down on the ground, and the top of mountains get clear now. Departed for the shooting point in the fog. The site is located on top of a high cliff, but unfortunately, it is enveloped in an even deeper fog. I returned to the point where I had passed through the fog on the way to take pictures of the world that had sunk in a sea of clouds. I wandered around for about 2 km, looking for a place with a steep slope where I could see as little of the ground as possible. Walked on low resilience moss like Tempur.

Return to the site and begin photographing the birds. The industrious puffins dive from their nests into the ocean to catch fish, even in weather like this. The fog is getting deeper and deeper, intricately capturing the sunlight and reflecting it off the puffins’ feathers.

Finish shooting before 7:00 am and return to the lodge. From here, I will travel to Flateyri, a trip that will take about three hours. On the way to Flateyri, I came across another strange place. It was a local tourist attraction, but the combination of crystal clear water and white beaches made me forget that I was in Iceland. I had been informed that there was a flock of sandpipers here, but did not see any. However, after arriving in Flateyri, I noticed that many people had painted pictures of birds on the walls of their houses in town, and many of the birds were shorebirds. There were unexpected traces of shorebirds visiting Flateyri.

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